The Mindful Sensation Therapeutic Approach is for pediatric therapists who want to incorporate mindfulness into their work in an easy, accessible way using tools we already possess. We are overworked and overstressed professionals who care deeply about our clients but sometimes feel stuck working on discrete skills that do not foster social emotional growth. In this course you will not only learn how to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into your work with children but in the process, you will learn simple ways to take better care of yourself.      

Mindfulness research has been exploding in the literature. You may be aware of the many benefits these practices have on attention, mood, cognition and self-regulation but may lack the full understanding, confidence and skill set to use them with your clients. The Mindful sensation curriculum was created to enable OTs to explore and apply mindfulness using sensory based tools in order to bolster their pediatric practice. The lessons in this course are organized so therapists work alongside with their students. Learning how to ground yourself in the body and becoming more resilient to life’s stressors will open your heart and guide you to becoming a more centered and effective therapist. 


This course is for you if you want to teach your clients proven methods for self-regulation and executive functioning.


This course is for you is want to incorporate mindfulness into your busy schedule but aren't sure how to use these tools, within your sensory based practice, and still meet your other goals.

This course is for you if you are stressed and overwhelmed and know that mindfulness could help to make you feel less scattered and more centered.  


Course Details

6 modules with online lessons that connect social emotional learning with sensory processing ​

  • Practice videos within each module to solidify understanding

  • Ready-made PDF lessons that can be used immediately for individual clients as well as groups

  • Short mindfulness meditations just for adults within each module

  • Earn 8.5 hours of continuing education credits that meet AOTA standards ​

The Course Outline

Module 1- 

Introduction to Mindful Sensations

Lesson 1- Exercise

Lesson 2- Sensory Detective

Lesson 3- Introduction to the Breath


Module 2

Our Internal World- Proprioception, Vestibular and Interoceptive Senses

Filling the Body Awareness Cup

Lesson 4- Proprioception

Lesson 5- Vestibular

Lesson 6- Breath Practices for Regulation


Module 3

Touch, Smell and Taste- Primary Senses of Connection

Lesson 7- Introduction to the Tactile Sense

Lesson 8- Tactile- Temperature and Texture

Lesson 9-  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ Tapping) and Self-Havening

Lesson 10- Smell

Lesson 11- Taste

Lesson 12- Mindful Eating


Module 4- Vision and Hearing - Senses of Exploration

Lesson 13- Vision

Lesson 14- Auditory Sense One

Lesson 15- Auditory Sense Two

Lesson 16 - Mindful Communication


Module 5- Emotions- Connection to Sensation

Lesson 17- Emotions

Lesson 18- Dealing with Big Emotions

Lesson 19- Being Kind

Lesson 20- Gratitude

Module 6-  Tying it all Together-  Self Regulation

Lesson 21-  Yoga